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About Us

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Alpha Capital Investments is a company located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. It was established on the 8th of April 2019 and began as a broker company that was initially/exclusively into crypto currency trading. As expected, the demands of investors grew and we had to diversify in order to meet investors demands and today, the company boasts of a good number of 3000+ active investors. An establishment that began in a back office in Switzerland now boasts of its presence in the United states, Canada, Africa, UK, France, Germany, Asia and Switzerland where it is located.

Today, we boast of other businesses and investments such as real estate and early safe tokens and our aim is simple, to ensure that there are zero losses for anyone who have chosen to explore the crypto world new or old and to also promote the use of crypto currency in the money market.

The C.E.O. of Alpha Capital Investments goes by the name Nickolas A. Baumann and its COO goes by the name Chasper Stalder and are committed to the growth of Alpha Capital Investments and crypto currency generally.