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Who are we?

Alpha Capital Investments is a crypto currency auto-trading and investment platform that allows individuals and particularly crypto currency enthusiasts buy any of its four trade plans of their choice. We have also employed  experts with over 8 years of experience in crypto currency trading to work alongside our highly effective bots. We are mainly into crypto currency trading as we are focused on dominating the crypto  world and providing a safe platform for both veterans and novices in crypto currency to always make profits from crypto currency regardless. We are also into binary option trading, CFD’s, Forex trading, Brokering of stock and commodities, real estate and early safe token(s) investment. With all these, we ensure that there are no losses and the demands of every single investor is met. Alpha Capital Investments is a progressive establishment with fore sited and experienced individuals at its helm of affairs who have highlighted bitcoin as the future and heavy weight of the crypto currency market and have gone on to provide a safe investment environment to help every individual, regardless of your location invest safely and benefit from the crypto market.

Why Choose Alpha Capital Investments?

Services provide for you.

There are countless reasons why we stand out amongst other
investment firms, and our direct competition. Here are some of those reasons:

Unique Asset Classes

Alpha Capital Investments looks for tokens that incentivize the core actions of a protocol and/or excel in developing novel mechanisms for smart contracts.

Advanced Technology

We have combined a total of 35 technologies for our trading operations and security systems, to ensure that investors funds are safe.

Venture Backed

Over $400 million in assets from several traditional VC firms from Silicon Valley have been injected into the Alpha Capital Investments project.

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Own the Blockchain

Our investment strategy allows investors to not only profit through investments into asstes, but to also own the assets, such that an increase in value results in cashflow.

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Investors are profiting from our growing variety of cryptoassets

Our cryptocurrencies asset class encompasses cryptoassets trading and HODLing, as well as protocols and smart contracts, that allow investors to benefit both from the increasing value of cryptoassets and the profits from successful trades.

Client Feedback


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"Alpha Capital has a unique knack for identifying opportunities that others overlook. Their investment strategies have helped me achieve my financial goals"


Corporate React Template

"I'm impressed by Alpha Capital's ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Their agility and forward-thinking approach make them a standout investment firm"


Corporate React Template

"Investing with Alpha Capital has been a game-changer for my portfolio. Their expertise and strategic insights have consistently delivered impressive returns."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please be assured that we maintain this information with the same level of security as an active account and are not permitted to use it for any purpose other than meeting our legal record-keeping obligations. After the 5-year retention period, your data will be automatically deleted from our systems.

We’re a global crypto finance company on a mission to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to help change the global economy. Alpha Capital Investments was founded because we believed money should work like the internet — open, secure, free, everywhere. Today, we offer four products. Alpha Capital Investments makes it easy to invest in crypto even if you’ve never invested in crypto. With Alpha Capital Investments you can print your own money like a paper — across the table or the ocean. Our OTC crypto desk moves over $2B each month. And our addition team players in poloniex welcomes one of the world’s largest exchanges.

We offer a variety of payment methods including crypto currencies(Bitcoin and Ethereum), credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, Bank Wire transfers and local payment solutions. You should note that we do not accept cash deposits.

You can find full details on your transactions in Alpha Capital Investmentss by following the steps below. Go to ‘Dashboard’. Click on the Investments. Click on the Investment summary. Find the relevant transaction.

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